The design of architect Ronald In ’t Hout combines traditional Ardèche architecture with modern open and spatial elements. This theme, varying between open and closed areas, has been implemented throughout the cottage. The spacious, high living room boasts large doors, accessing three patios, which seamlessly link the cottage’s indoor and outdoor spaces. From every location inside the cottage you will find surprising views reinforcing a spatial effect. The cottage is situated in such a way, you can always sit in the sun or in the shade on one of the patios.

The energy efficient cottage has been designed to include ecologically safe materials with particular insulating and ventilating properties. This results in a pleasant, interior climate with relatively low humidity. In summer the cottage is pleasantly cool and in winter it is comfortably warm.

The spacious  terraced garden was designed by Nico Kloppenborg. As it evolves, the yard will eventually be themed with open and closed areas. The plants and trees are acclimated for and able to withstand the hot climate. The lawn by the side of the house may be used as a play area for children.