About us and pictures of the construction process

We very much appreciate the flow region and the area surrounding the Le Doux river in the Northern Ardèche. Searching quite a long time for an older home which we intended to renovate was no easy task. So when my wife (Olga ten Hove, 1958 ~ † 2014) and I discovered a vacant plot of land in 2007, located on the edge of the village of Désaignes, we decided to build a house there. The home called “Le Noyer” (French for ‘nut tree’), was named after the nut tree orchard adjacent to the house.

Dutch architect Ronald In ’t Hout, living and working in the Ardèche, produced the architectural design. With his assistance, we created a house that eventually turned out much more beautiful than we had dared to dream. Our home has a traditional Ardèche architectural style in combination with modern, open and spacial elements. The entire house, built by local contractors, is characterised by the theme of open and closed features. The building project itself was marked by a trouble-free and pleasant atmosphere. The grand opening of Le Noyer took place in the summer of 2010.

The design of the house included some unique sustainability aspects. Le Noyer, built of ecologically produced material (so-called Ytong cellular concrete), is excellently insulated. The house and the living room windows have a lay-out preventing most sunlight in the summer and providing as much sunlight as possible in the winter. In summer, the house stays wonderfully cool and in winter it is pleasantly warm, heated with a wood stove and electric heating.

Our home also boasts a subterranean reservoir, collecting rainwater draining from the roof. Via an underground irrigation system the trees in the garden are irrigated automatically.

Hedzer Klarenbeek.

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